Smart Industries


Every industry in the market is evolving into a smart industry. With the implementation of smart solutions in business processes, organizations are leveraging the benefits of IoT, ai and machne learning and elevating their businesses to the next extent. At Advonik we are trying push the horizons to the very next level by developing smart and secure tech to enhance industry business process.

Advonik tech savy peoples have come up with perfect solutions for various industry segments to transform their business into future ready and truly comprehensive model.


Segments we are transforming!



Smart Hotels

Transform your hotel into a future ready smart hotel. Enhance customer expierience, cut cost, increase revenue.



Smart Schools

Enhance learning ecosystem of school by integrating our smart school model. Increasing results, saving bucks and better management.


Human Resource

Smart HR

Improve hr management efficiency with our ai smart hr solution. Increase employe relationship, productivity and returns.

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