Revolutionary Projects

Fourmulative Concepts

Its not about ideas, Its about making ideas happen!

Cuting edge technologies and value driven business concepts are pushing the boundaries of posibilities, so are we. Paving roadmap for business enthusists.

Advonik to its wider vision, to revolutionize business formulations in market have initiated multiple projects that pushes the boundaries of possibilities every single day. Our unique concepts holds the potential to change the dynamics of business sector and alter all formulations of core business process.

On a mission to build empire and leave legacy!


Incubation platform

Pirate rule book

We are creating an inspiring and informal environment, an incubation platform for misfits. We want to support irreverence and independence. We┬┤re pirates after all!

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Parallel Connect

Ecosytem with its foundation on stengthening relationships in business sector. How well you build them determines how well they build your business

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Idea foot print

An interactive media platform that covers entrepreneur stories , corporate news, industry research, corporate events and much more.

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We are helpers

Smart Industries

Changing the horizons of industries by implementing latest in tech and pushing the boundaries of possibilities by integrating value driven model with ai and achine lerning to make it truly comprehensive and ready for tomorrow.

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Quick & smart

Smart Ecosystem

Advonik is all set to provide one of a kind ecosystem for startups, Companies and investors to make a dynamic platform that enhances business engagement to an extent where possiblities meet vision.

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Friendly support

Advonik Business Network

A network of selected companies and business enthusiasts across globe certified by Advonik for setting business standards enhanced value driven operation that drives result.

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